Professional Referrals

Aurora Recovery Centre is rising to become one of Canada’s most prominent addiction treatment centres in recovery-oriented systems of care. With a whole-person treatment philosophy, we’re creating professional referral partnerships to help transform the lives of those who suffer from substance use disorder and other addictions into strong, functioning, capable individuals in recovery.

Whether you’re a clinician, professional or employer, your role in the lives of people who suffer from addiction and mental illness can be crucial to their successful recovery.

Why Should You Help?

Undiagnosed, untreated or ineffectively treated Substance Use Disorder (SUD) presents a serious risk to your organization. This risk includes, and extends far beyond, safety concerns. Canadian research shows that the lack of an effective response to addiction disorders results in jeopardizing safety, production, employee morale, job satisfaction and consumption of benefits.

The same exposure to risk can predictably occur when an employee’s family member suffers from an addiction disorder. A workplace that seeks to minimize risk is well advised to extend substance use programs and policies to include employee’s families.

When substance use and addiction is addressed, you’re doing more than just helping one person; you’re investing in the improvement of the whole of your workplace and community. In a time when societal stigma often reduces addiction and mental health to moral perversity or bad choices, research and evidence points us in the direction of understanding that addiction is a highly treatable disorder.



Partnering With Aurora

We recognize the importance of community involvement in substance use treatment, actively building professional referral relationships with leading-edge, contemporary addiction treatment of substance use disorder.

Our commitment to contemporary, clinical, therapeutic and complementary treatments recognizes the need for whole body, mind and spirit healing alongside, not instead of, evidence- and research-based treatment. Using industry-standard best practices, our powerful, integrated psycho-social and somatic approach to treatment touches all phases of our continuum of care.

The benefits of creating a partnership with Aurora means:

  • workplace – more productive employees, increased interpersonal skills, sense of responsibility, increased morale, less time off
  • physicians and clinical – more healing, less minor symptoms and ailments, less stress on the medical system
  • costs – less cost to public and private corporations, organizations, insurance companies

We’ll work closely and in tandem with you – professionals, clinicians, employers – to create a system of care based on best practices that fits seamlessly with your internal practices for patient care or HR team.

Addiction Awareness Training for Professionals

Are you new to the field of addiction treatment and recovery, or need a refresher on Aurora’s approach to recovery from SUD?

Our Addiction Awareness Training Program for Professionals is the first step toward helping your patients, clients or employees to understand the nature of addiction, and learn about our contemporary approaches to successful recovery.