You’re not alone.

No matter what stage you and your family are at in your addiction treatment and mental health recovery, becoming a member of the Aurora Recovery Centre community is just the beginning of your journey to recovery, hope and wellness.

We’re with you every step of the way with ongoing, personalized treatment for substance use and mental health disorders that supports what you need when you need it for sustainable addiction recovery.

Recovery for life. Welcome.


Gain clarity and experience the relief of finally walking free from the heaviness of your addiction.


support &
family wellness
Find recovery and healing within your family, community, recovery supports and peers.


Move forward into a lifetime of renewed hope, courage and strength. Recovery for Life.

Families First

Community Healing from Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
A Whole-Wellness System of Recovery

For decades we've been treating families as an afterthought, an add-on service for those who want to be involved in their loved one's recovery. The presumption, fuelled by old, worn out stigma, is that a person suffering from substance use disorder should be thrown into an institution, ejected from their community, and somehow magically transformed by a miracle treatment cure back into a warm, caring human being again. When they stop being destructive to themselves and others, then they can be let back into society again.

It's like a hospital telling someone with a broken arm, "You broke it, get away from here and go fix it, THEN come back and see us."

What if it is actually the other way around?

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You really are no longer alone. Whether you are suffering from addiction/substance use disorder, you have a family member or loved one who is, or you are professional who would like to make a referral, we welcome you to please call...